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Calluses vs. Plantar Warts

Some people may tend to get these two conditions confused.  For that reason, this article will attempt to give you ways to differentiate the two.  Both of these conditions are conditions of the skin and can affect the feet.  That being said, they are caused by different things and are treated in different ways.


Calluses are just areas of the skin that have been thickened due to repeated stress or friction.  In an effort to protect itself from this stress or friction the skin will develop extra layers making it both thicker and harder.  Calluses are generally harmless but they can be uncomfortable and not very nice to look at.

Treatments for calluses are easy.  Wear a different type of shoe and/or sock for starters.  Your doctor may also have some remedies including using a scalpel to shave down the area or even salicylic acid.

Plantar Warts

While calluses are just caused by friction and stress, plantar warts are caused by a virus; HPV to be exact.  These warts are not harmful but they can cause you some discomfort and like the callus they are not very pretty.

You can treat the warts yourself with salicylic acid that is sold over the counter in many drug stores.  This type of wart is extremely stubborn though and you may need to see a doctor in order to get more invasive treatment such as cryotherapy, laser surgery or even non-laser minor surgery.

Both of these conditions may be prevented with proper care.  Wear shoes and socks that fit well and are comfortable.  The HPV virus thrives in places like swimming pools, locker rooms and showers so you should always wear shoes of some sort in those places.

People with diabetes should be extremely careful with these conditions and contact a doctor immediately if they show up.


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