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Toe Numbness While Running

Sometimes when people do a lot of running they will notice that there is numbness in their feet or in one or even all of their toes.  This numbness can be caused by insignificant reasons or even reasons that can be quite worrisome.  Most of the time though it is due to compression of certain nerves.  The trick lies in determining which nerves they are.  There are some things that can be slightly changed resulting in an alleviation of the numbness.  Let’s take a closer look.

  • What type of shoes are you wearing while you run?  If the shoes are old they will not be providing adequate support which can lead to increased pressure on the nerves.  If they are new and haven’t been broken in yet then they may be too tight in the toe box.  This can leave too little space for the toes to have either forward or lateral motion.
  • How are you running?  If your running form is not ideal then this may be the cause of the numbness.  Lighten your step as you run and put as little pressure on your feet as possible.
  • The problem could also be caused by overpronation.  This is more easily defined as your feet rolling inward during the run.  A shoe expert can tell you if that is the case and if so there are special running shoes made that will help with your issue.
  • When all else fails, see your doctor.

Numbness in your feet should never be seen as a condition to ignore.  It could lead to very serious conditions and even amputation.  It is best to get this issue taken care of as soon as you notice it.



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