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Heel Neuroma

A neuroma is basically a benign growth.  There are different types and they occur in different parts of the body.  Obviously, we will be talking about the ones that occur in the heel of your foot.

While they are benign, because they form within the nerves they can cause quite a bit of discomfort.  Here are some ways to alleviate that discomfort:

  • You will always want to try the non-invasive treatments first.  These can be things like resting your feet and keeping them elevated.  Another non-invasive treatment would be to get proper orthotics for your shoes.  Don’t wear shoes that are too tight or that squeeze your toes.  Try to wear only shoes that give a lot of support.
  • If none of those options work for you then you may want to consult your physician about some shots of corticosteroids to be administered at the site of the pain.  This treatment has caused side effects in certain patients that included an elevation in blood pressure as well as weight gain.
  • Another injection possibility is one of alcohol.  Not only will this minimize the pain but it will help the neuroma in shrinking.
  • If all else fails then you can talk to your physician about surgical options.  Many doctors may balk at this though because of the fact that the neuroma is within the nerves, they would have to remove those nerves which could cause lasting damage to your toes and the rest of your foot.

Nobody likes dealing with pain and foot pain is still pain.  To avoid these conditions try to always wear supportive and comfortable shoes and elevate your feet at least once a day.



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