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Common Causes Of Foot Numbness

If foot numbness occurs while an individual is running, there could be some cause for concern. An odd tingling feeling or a numbing in the toes oftentimes is a sign that there has been some nerve compression in the foot. Where the numbness is located is the primary indicator of where the nerve compression can be found.

The site that is most commonly reported by patients who have toe numbness is the outside of the third tow and just to the inside of the fourth toe. This nerve compression is known as Morton’s Neuroma. When feet are constantly pounding the pavement while running, numbness may ensue. This can also be the result of the forefoot being crammed into an ill-fitting shoe. There are measures to avoid this from happening. A frequent runner should choose shoes that leave enough toe space for their toes to spread a bit. Additionally, the use of shoe padding strategically placed under the forefoot could be very beneficial in protecting against toe numbing.

If the nerve swells, a podiatrist may recommend the patient to have a cortisone injection to provide some relief. If the cortisone injection does not help, surgery may be required. A surgery will help to relieve most of the pain and numbness of the toe or toes.

Toe numbness and foot numbness may be an indicator of a more serious medical condition. Runners that are experiencing numbness in their toes while running or after running should seek medical attention. If the numbness is persistent, calling a physician or a podiatrist could be very helpful. The physician or podiatrist will work with the patient to find a solution to help provide relief or solve the problem. Most cases can be relieved rather quickly by the above mentioned techniques, but there are some cases of toe numbness that may be more difficult to address. These cases are rare, however.




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