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Common Causes Of Heel Pain

Foot pains, in general, are a very common complaint from patients. Foot pains can stem from many different causes and can be due to problems in part of the foot and can be transferred to other parts. Everything from bones and toenails to tendons and skin can cause patients pain in their feet. However, the root cause of pain in the foot can be better identified when the location of the pain is specified.

Heel pain can be caused from a number of things. Pain in the heel is most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is located in the plantar fascia, the bank of very tough tissue that connects a person’s heel bone to their toes, and happens when the area has become irritated or has been inflamed. These pains usually provide the most discomfort for patients in the early morning when they are getting out of bed. Some arch pain may come from plantar fascitis, as well.

Plantar fasciitis can be treated with adequate rest, various foot muscle and calf muscle stretches, by taking some over-the-counter medications or pain relievers, and by wearing shoes that provide good arch support and a heavily cushioned sole.

Someone with pain in the heel may be suffering from what is known as heel spurs. Heel spurs are abnormal growths in the bones that are located in the heel bones. What causes heel spurs to form is abnormal walking or posture, wearing inappropriate or uncomfortable shoes, and certain activities. The pain from the heel spurs will be felt while walking or standing. Heel spurs are quite common, forming in nearly ten percent of the population, but only one out of twenty people actually feel pain in their feet from them. While heel spurs can form in the heels of people that have plantar fasciitis, heel spurs do not actually cause plantar fasciitis. Individuals with really high arches in their feet and those that have very flat feet are the most susceptible to develop heel spurs and to have foot pain that stems from the heel spurs.

Attaining the proper rest can treat heel spurs. Additionally, heel spurs can be treated using heel pads, a custom-made insert that can be worn on the inside of the shoe, and certain over-the-counter pain relievers. For very serious cases of heel spurs, physical therapy may be recommended by podiatrists. And for even more serious cases, surgery may be an option in order to repair the heel spurs and relieve patients of the painful symptoms.

Stone bruises on the heel are more common but not as severe causes of pain in the heel. These bruises tend to happen because of accidental steps on rocks or other hard objects and can be found on the far pad of the heel. There will be a bruise on the location.

There are additional forms of heel pain that are caused by factors, as well. However, the most common of these causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and stone bruises.





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