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The Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria Smart Socks are wearable smart electronics that are laced with textile sensors. While the electronic appears nothing more than an average sock, there are sensors embedded in them. The sensors will measure how the feet of the individual wearing the Smart Sock are falling while they are running. Runners wearing the Smart Sock will be able to analyze their running technique with extreme precision. The best thing about the Smart Sock is that they work like any other sock. After they have been worn, the Smart Socks can be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of the other dirty laundry.

Analytic tracking could very soon become as natural as other electronics. The textile technology found in the Smart Sock is possibly the first step in that direction. The Smart Sock is an incredible feat, but it does still need to be accompanied by a magnetic bracelet to be worn on the ankle that will provide the Smart Sock with power.

The Sensoria Smart Sock is still in its early stages. The project has not hit the market and cannot be bought in a local sports outfitting store just yet. By visiting the Smart Sock Indiegogo page, one can purchase a pack of three sets of Smart Socks for $60. However, when adding the magnetic ankle bracelet, the price of the socks could reach into the triple digit category.

The human foot is already pretty incredible, but with the addition of the Smart Sock, the foot could reach a whole new level. These Smart Socks are just another step in the direction of athletic gear equipped with analytic tracking technology. There already exists armbands and smart watches, but fashionable foot wear with the ability to track movement had not been brought into existence. There is no telling what will happen next.


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