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3 Easy Steps For Good Foot Hygiene

While feet are typically the last thing a person worries about when looking to keep in good health, they are still a very important feature of the body. The feet have over 26 bones in them and a very complex arrangement that help to absorb the impact of a person’s full body weight as they walk or jump and are necessary to maintain balance and to keep standing upright. Their care is absolutely necessary to good health. There are a large variety of problems and issues that may occur if the feet are not maintained correctly. Fungi can grow on the toenails, nerve damage can ensue, and extreme pain can result from incorrect foot support. Foot problems tend to only worsen the older someone gets, so maintaining a good foot hygiene routine is essential.

Wash, Clean, Wash

Cleanliness is very important. A person should wash his or feet daily. Individuals should wash their feet at night, even if they choose to take showers only in the morning. Feet should be lathered with soap and be sure to get in between toes. After washing, one should gently wipe their feet with a towel.

Pamper Your Feet

Aim to get a pedicure at least every two weeks. Pedicures remove dry and rough skin and will ensure that toenails are clean. Lots of cash does not need to be spent in order to receive a good pedicure. Pedicures can be done at home.


By applying lotion or some foot cream to the feet, one will be able to achieve soft feet that will be more comfortable in shoes. After being moisturized, feet will absorb the moisture and keep from drying out and the skin cracking. However, it should be stated leaving moisturizer between the toes may cause a fungus to grow in between them.



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