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What Are Orthotics?


Orthotics can best be described as custom-made foot supporters that are designed specifically to the podiatry patient. The orthotic will fit a person’s foot far better than an insole that is bought from a supermarket or corner store. Orthotics will help in balancing inadequacies in legs and feet.

Common reasons that patients will seek out a podiatrist to make orthotics for them are heel pain and arch support or relief. Plantar fasciitis is commonly treated by orthotics. Leg tendonitis and regular knee pain are other ailments or conditions that often require the support of orthotics in order to be treated. Orthotics are created after examinations are done on the feet, incorporating the foot’s specific measurements. The medical condition of the patient is also important to the development of the proper foot orthoses.

Orthotics can usually last around five to ten years for a patient. A foot orthoses will need to be switched out if the foot it is designed for grows more than one and a half shoe sizes. Foot surgery may also require that orthotics be changed. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of orthotics treatments.

The time it takes to adjust to orthotics will vary from patient to patient. In order to reach a satisfying level of comfort, patients should gradually incorporate orthotics in their shoes. Increasing the time they are worn in the shoe by a few hours each day will make the process a bit easier to deal with. Orthotics should be worn each time a patient is partaking in an activity that may cause harm to the injury or condition that is being treated by the foot orthoses. Wearing orthotics will provide relief and comfort for individuals suffering from some sort of foot or leg ailment or condition and will work to counter the problem.


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