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The Causes of Cold Aching Feet

Yes, it’s getting cold outside, but if despite your efforts to stay bundled up and warm your feet still feel cold and achy, there may be another issue other than weather that you should consider. Here are a few issues that may have cause your cold aching feet.

The Causes of Cold Aching Feet

Circulation Problems

If your blood isn’t properly circulating throughout your body, you may have a heart condition that’s causing the problem. Common links to these circulatory issues are smoking and alcohol.


Raynaud’sis a disease of the arteries that supply blood to skin, which happens more commonly in women than men. The most common symptom of this is cold hands and feet that can cause significant pain.

Thyroid Conditions

Your thyroid controls many body functions, including temperature. Thyroid problems, especially an underactive thyroid, can cause cold and pain in areas of the body, including your feet.


Gout is a condition that causes sudden pain and swelling because of high levels of uric acid. Outbreaks of gout often happen to your big toe, causing your foot to hurt.


If you’re experiencing any unusual pain or coldness in your feet, you should consult a podiatrist right away to find the answer. It could be the result of something serious, like an injury or a blood clot.

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