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The Best Cycling Shoes for Cold Weather

If you enjoy cycling in cold weather, it’s important that you’re wearing the right shoes as you ride. There are many shoes out there that are designed for riding during the winter, but some cyclists prefer to use cold weather waterproof hiking boots. Those who cycle in areas that experience cold rain sometimes opt to wear water- and wind-proof socks with cycling sandals. Whatever option you select, know that there are an abundance of choices when choosing cold weather cycling shoes.

The Best Cycling Shoes for Cold Weather

Common Pitfalls

You may not be completely aware of just how cold your feet can get when you’re cycling. When you’re cycling in cold weather, your feet aren’t getting as much circulation as they would when you’re running in cold weather. Your feet are exposed to wind at water at incredibly low temperatures, causing them to get cold quickly. Your toes can go numb 30 minutes into your ride if you’re not wearing proper shoes to protect your feet, so wearing thick wool socks or layering socks would be a good idea. However, when buying your shoes, you should be careful not to by them a half size or more too large – this allows for pockets of cold air to sneak in.

Where To Buy

You can buy the right shoes for cold weather cycling at many local bicycle shops, specialty sporting shoe stores or online retailers. Outdoor stores, hiking outfitters and department stores should also have hiking boots that would work well with winter cycling. However, winter cycling shoes and quality hiking boots can be expensive, so prepare for that. You should also be cautious when buying online – you aren’t getting the opportunity to try on your shoes for proper cold weather fit before purchasing.


Cycling shoes designed for use with cleat-style cycling pedals cost about $120 to $300 a pair, depending on the brand, quality and materials. Quality hiking boots with cold weather features sell for about $120 to $250 per pair. Cycling sandals and water- and wind-proof sock combinations, average at about $80 to $120. Sock and shoe liner prices often start at about $20 per pair and can cost as much as $100 for a pair of high-tech lightweight, breathable waterproof in-shoe booties. Many companies sell water- and wind-proof over shoes for cycling use cost from $50 to $150.

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