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Could Peripheral Neuropathy be What’s Causing Your Foot Numbness?

Are you experiencing foot pain, numbness, and similar symptoms.  Is it impacting your life?  Take a look at the article below, and see if Peripheral Neuropathy could be affecting you.

Could Peripheral Neuropathy be What’s Causing Your Foot Numbness?

It’s something that’s easily ignored isn’t it? That unexplained tingling in both of your feet, and the first thing that you do is just explain it away. Your feet are worn out from another long day on the job. That’s all. 

You head home, do the usual things that you always do but there’s something nagging at the back of your mind. Your feet are tingling just a bit more, and now you notice some foot numbness. Now you’re starting to think that something may be wrong.

It almost feels as if your walking on a set of pillows doesn’t it? You go to bed thinking nothing more of this problem. You think to yourself everything will be fine in the morning.

But then it happens unexpectedly. You wake up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain running up and down your legs, and you’re a little scared.

And when you get up in the morning that foot numbness is very pronounced, and then you decide to call your physician.

This is just one of many symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, a condition that affects many people worldwide.

There are no cures for peripheral neuropathy, but there are ways to manage the pain, such as taking a prescription medication called Neurontin.

Many people still maintain active lifestyles even with neuropathy. While running with this disease may not always be an option, an alternative is exercising on a treadmill, with proper footwear support of course.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a manageable condition, but only if you pick up on the signs early and work with a Rheumatologist who specializes in this vascular condition.

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