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Exercise: How to Run Properly

If you learn how to exercise and run the right way while using the proper techniques, you will be able to run faster, more efficiently, and avoid any potential injuries that you could face otherwise. To improve your running form, just follow these tips.

Exercise: How to Run Properly

Look Ahead: Try and keep your eyes focused on the ground about 10 to 20 feet ahead of you, not on your feet. By doing this, you’re aware of what’s ahead of you, therefore reducing your chances of falling.

Land Midfoot: Avoid landing on your toes or heels. By landing on your toes, your calves will tighten or fatigue quickly which could end up as shin pain. Landing on your heels causes you to brake, which wastes your energy and may cause you to get hurt. Instead, do your best to land on the middle of your foot and then roll through to the front of your toes.

Keep Your Feet Pointed Straight Ahead: Be sure your toes are pointed in the direction you want to go. Otherwise, you could wind up with an injury.

Keep Hands at Your Waist: Try to keep your hands at waist level and your arms at a 90 degree angle. If you run with your hands by your chest, you’ll actually get tired more quickly and start to feel tightness in your shoulders and neck.

Relax Your Hands: Keep your arms and hands as relaxed as possible. Otherwise you’re causing you arms, shoulders and neck to become tight.

Check Your Posture: Keep your head up, your back straight, and shoulders level. Keep your shoulders under your ears and maintain a neutral pelvis. Try not to lean forward or back at your waist. Slumping can lead to neck, shoulder, and lower-back pain. So, when you feel yourself slouching, poke your chest out.

Relax Your Shoulders: Your shoulders should be relaxed and square or facing forward, not hunched over. Slouching tends to tighten the chest and restrict breathing.

Rotate Arms from the Shoulder: Your arms should swing back and forth from your shoulder joint, not your elbow joint.

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