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How to Properly Trim Your Toenails

To avoid potentially painful foot problems, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re cutting your toenails the right way. To avoid pesky foot problems, such as ingrown toenails, follow these guidelines on how to cut your toenails.

How to Properly Trim Your Toenails

  1. You should soak your feet before cutting your nails to avoid splintering and breaking the nail. The perfect time would be after a good soak in a spa or hot tub.
  2. Try not to cut your toenails too short.  Try using a pair of large bandage scissors rather than regular nail clippers – this way you’ll have better control from cutting your nails to short.
  3. Cut toenails straight across instead of matching them to the curve of the end of the toe. Rounding toenails promote ingrown toenails and other painful problems that you’re looking to avoid.
  4. File the corners so they aren’t sharp, which could lead to them catching on things. Filing too much, though, will make the nail grow downward into the toe, which hurts pretty badly.
  5. Rub some baby oil around each toenail and a good lotion or cream to the rest of your foot. This will help with any dry skin around your toenails or your feet.

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