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Caring for Your Feet: 4 Reasons to Not Walk Barefoot in the Grass

It’s normal to kick off your shoes when you head to the park, it’s just more comfortable. But, is it worth the risks that come along with it? Yes, grass is beautiful an inviting, but this doesn’t mean it’s okay to walk barefoot in it. But caring for your feet is very important.  Despite the great feeling of grass under your feet, here are a few reasons to keep your shoes on.

Caring for Your Feet: 4 Reasons to Not Walk Barefoot in the Grass

  1. Plantar warts: These can develop if you have open cuts on the bottom of your feet and you are walking on wet grass. They can be incredibly painful considering you’re constantly putting pressure on your feet when you’re walking.
  2. Tacks, nails, and other sharp objects: If any of these things are rusty, you’re at risk for getting tetanus. Yes, you can check the grass before you walk in it, but chances are you’ll end up overlooking something.
  3. Pests that you can’t see: If you’re bitten by an insect, you may react badly and wind up with itchy bumps on your skin. Not only are these annoying, but they are very painful.
  4. Dog poop is everywhere: People don’t always clean up after themselves – and it’s just downright unpleasant to step in this. You’re not going to look each time you step, so you’re bound to make a wrong step at some point. Not only is it gross, but you could even pick up a nasty parasite like hookworm.

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