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How to Avoid Brittle Toenails

When nails are not properly nourished or cared for, you end up with brittle toenails. I know you love painting your nails and then using acetone so you can change the polish color again, but it is seriously damaging your nails. Here are some ways you can restore your nails back to health.

How to Avoid Brittle Toenails

Step 1: Trim your toenails regularly, preferably after bathing or soaking your feet, and remember to keeping the tops rounded and the corners slightly squared. Afterwards, file the thickened areas with a wooden emery board.

Step 2: Use a moisturizing nail hardener on your nails every week. Preferably one that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, which will dry out your nails even more. A hardener locks in moisture and keeps your toenails protected from dirt and sunlight.

Step 3: Massage your toenails every day with a thick moisturizer. Your toenails need moisture, just like your skin, so you should massage moisturizers into the nail after bathing and after removing nail polish.

Step 4: Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet full of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy. A good diet will ensure that your nutritional needs are met for the health of your toenails.

Step 5: Wash your feet and nails daily to remove any bacteria and fungus. Make sure you dry your feet and toenails thoroughly before putting on your socks and shoes – damp feet can leave your toenails a feeding ground for infection.

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