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How to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Without Medication

If you have diabetes, having control over your blood sugar levels is essential when managing your disease. Without proper control, you could come across other health issues such as kidney damage, nerve damage, eye complications, and even skin damage. Medication isn’t the only way to take control, though. In fact, in order to have the best control, there are a few other steps you should take.

How to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Without Medication

Step 1: Check your glucose levels several times every day. By doing this you are able to see when your glucose levels are at an unhealthy level, letting you know that you need to make a lifestyle or dietary change.

Step 2: Keep track of the number of calories you consume either by counting calories or practicing portion control.

Step 3: Divide your calories among three meals and three snacks. By eating six times a day you are staying full and keeping yourself from overeating. This will help you stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Step 4: Eat slow-release carbohydrates, otherwise known as complex carbs. The sugar in these foods will break down slowly during digestion, which will result in slow absorption by your blood. Foods with complex carbs include whole-grain breads, whole wheat pasta, brown and wild rice, vegetables (such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, carrots and spinach), flaxseed and oatmeal.

Step 5: Take a trip to your dietitian regularly so that he or she can devise a diet specifically for you. Regular visits will allow your dietitian to review the results of your glucose testing, and make any necessary changes to your diet.

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