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How to Prevent Hammertoe

Hammertoes are incredibly painful and are pretty awkward when you’re trying to put on shoes. Yes, they can be treated, but wouldn’t you like to just completely avoid getting on in the first place? Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting a hammertoe or at least help your current condition.

How to Prevent Hammertoe

  1. Wear shoes that don’t rub against the hammertoe in order to prevent corns, blisters or cuts from forming. You should also steer clear of straps or seams that could further irritate the toe. Open toe shoes are fine in warmer weather; otherwise you should stick with a deep toe box.
  2. Narrow or short shoes could end up worsening your condition, so you should stay away from those. Slip-on shoes may also do harm, so shoes that strap on or lace up are best.
  3. Keep your toes moving by slowly stretching your toe into a straight position. This could help keep the hammertoe from getting any worse or may even correct the problem if it was a mild case.
  4. To keep your condition from getting any worse, go ahead and visit your podiatrist so they can give you advice how to alleviate pressure.
  5. If your hammertoe proceeds to be a problem, you may want to consider having surgery to have the toe straightened and keep it from happening again. Consider surgery if the toe becomes a real problem. There are many procedures that can be done to straighten the toe and prevent the hammertoe from recurring.

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