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Go-To Shoes for Girl’s Night Out

Whether a night out to you means heading out to the club or catching a movie with your girl friends, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for the occasion. Your best choice is to always stick with versatile and practical shoes because they’ll go with just about anything. Here are a few must-haves that should be in your closet.

Go-To Shoes for Girl’s Night Out

1. Black Pump – Classic black pumps are always a great option. Pair them up with your little black dress, or really any little dress, or a pair of jeans. Either way, your legs will look great.

2. Ballerina Flat – Ballerina flats are casual but chic and can dress up any outfit you plan on wearing. The most versatile colors are brown, taupe, or black, but it never hurt anyone to add a splash of color into your wardrobe.

3. Lace-up Bootie – Ultra chic lace-up booties are incredibly trendy and look great with leggings or your favorite dress. You’ll really stand out in a mid-calf style with combat or Victorian-style laces.

Any of these three styles are sure to keep you looking classy and sexy anytime you go out, no matter what the occasion might be!

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