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High Heels Hurt Your Health

We know how great you look in your high heels. They are the perfect touch to polishing off an outfit, but are they really worth the long-term back, ankle, and knee damage? Aren’t you dreading the achy feet that come with having mile-long legs?

High Heels Hurt Your Health

Those Jimmy Choos might seem perfect, but did you know that they could cause muscle strain and maybe even cause permanent damage if you wear them too often? Wearing high heels every day can shorten calf muscles by up to 13 percent, which leads to lower leg stiffness and limits the ankle’s range of motion.

High-heeled shoes can also damage muscles and tissue around the knee joint, which may lead to incredibly painful osteoarthritis. Some studies even show that stilettos can cause back problems such as poor posture, lower back pain and muscle fatigue. Those heels aren’t looking so hot now, are they?

When you slip on your pumps before girl’s night out, do you feel pain in your feet in the first few steps? If so, there’s something wrong! Instead of bearing with the pain all night, why not try a different style shoe? You can look just as great in flexible flats or non-heeled with good arch support! You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for health.

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