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Foot Pain Caused By Vitamin B12 Deficiencies

There are many sources of foot pain. Most people experience foot pain from some type of injury. Others experience foot pain as the result of some underlying condition or disease. Sometimes, foot pain doesn’t originate from either source.

In fact, oftentimes foot pain starts when the body lacks essential nutrients. One of the body’s most essential nutrients is vitamin B12. And, a lot of people actually lack a sufficient amount of vitamin B12 within their bodies.

The case with Vitamin B12

The human body needs Vitamin B12, as it helps the body produce new red blood cells, nerves, DNA and helps the body carry out essential functions. Most adults need as much as 2.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12 each day, since it can’t be produced by the body alone. The problem is that most people don’t consume enough Vitamin B12, and that naturally causes problems.

People who don’t take nearly enough Vitamin B12 each day may develop what’s known as a Vitamin B12 deficiency. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 3.2 percent of senior adults have ‘critically low Vitamin B12 levels.’ Nearly 20 percent from that same survey were found to have had a ‘borderline deficiency.’

Vitamin B12 is only found in meat, eggs, poultry, dairy and other foods originating from animals. Because of that, it’s important for people to either eat more of those foods or add a Vitamin B12 supplement to their diet.

Vitamin B12 deficiencies and foot pain

People with Vitamin B12 deficiencies gradually develop symptoms over time. In some cases, these symptoms may be confused with symptoms from other conditions.

The most common symptoms include weakness, fatigue, difficulty with cognitive functions and memory loss. A lot of people also feel strange sensations and/or numbness within their limbs, especially their feet. People who experience Vitamin B12 deficiencies may even have difficulty walking or balance issues.

People with Vitamin B12 deficiencies may be recommended to take weekly shots of Vitamin B12 and/or high dose Vitamin B12 pills to help bring their Vitamin B12 levels back to normal.

People with milder foot pain and, subsequently, a milder deficiency only need a standard multivitamin to get back up to speed. Painkillers and hot/cold compresses also help treat foot pain while the body restores its natural Vitamin B12 levels with supplements.


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