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Wear Less Flip Flops This Summer!

According to a survey that was conducted in 2012, 78% of all American exceeding the age of 21 experienced foot pain or issues at some point in time. There is no such thing as the perfect shoe, of course. But surprisingly, flip flops can be some of the most harmful shoes to wear.

There are great risks associated with wearing these shoes because they are very unsupportive. Essentially, when an individual walks in flip flops, their heel approaches the ground with less vertical force, compared to those who wear sneakers or more supportive shoes. This causes them to digress from their natural rhythm. One of the reasons for this is with flip flops, you are forced to clench your toes around the sandal thongs. However, doctors do not recommend that individuals curl their toes when walking because this can exert stress on both the ankle and the foot.

These facts alarm most who read them. They assume that because flip flops are significantly cushioned, that they could not possibly induce physical harm. However, they force the body to compensate for the lack of support offered by the shoe. This can give rise to soreness in the lower bag and legs.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common injuries stemming from flip flop wear. In fact, about 2 million Americans suffer from this annually. When an individual wears a pair of flip flops all day, they can develop acute heel pain, increasing their risk for this condition.


If you insist on wearing flip flops this summer, there are a few tips that you should first be aware of. Try to replace your flip flops every few months, wear leather ones to reduce irritation, ensure that they fit properly, and do not use them for all-day wear.

Of course, if you can avoid flip flops altogether, that could prevent potential shoe-induced foot pain. There are many open toed sandals on the market that offer the foot great support because they contain ankle straps that secure the foot in place as you are walking. Furthermore, crocs with ankle support may also provide you with more foot support.

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