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Common Dermatological Problems Of The Feet

It is not uncommon to have some form of dermatological problem of the foot. In fact it may be much more common than you think. Below you will learn about some of the most common dermatological problems with the feet so that you will better be able to understand if you might be experiencing one or more of these issues.
Bacterial and Fungal Conditions

Athlete’s foot is one of the more common bacterial and fungal conditions of the foot. This is due to the fact that feet spend a great deal of time in your shoes where it is humid, warm, and dark which is perfect for the growth of fungus. Bacterial and fungal conditions can cause problems such as redness, dry skin, itching, blisters, and even peeling of the skin. These infections can be hard to cure if they are not treated quickly.

Dry Skin

Another problem that you might notice is dry skin that results in burning or itching feet. You should clean your feet with a mild soap each day and you should also use lotion or moisturizing cream on the feet and legs. Take caution when adding oils to your bath because it can make your bathtub and your feet slippery.


Viruses are the cause of skin growths known as warts. These can be painful in some cases and if they are not treated they can spread. Medications over the counter don’t often work for taking care of warts and if you notice this problem it is best to see a doctor for help. They will be able to apply medication and freeze or burn your wart off. If this does not work then they can use surgery to remove the wart.

Calluses and Corns

Yet another common dermatological problem of the foot is calluses and corns. If you have this problem you will want to see a doctor about it. In some cases pads can be used in order to help with the problem. It can be harmful to try and treat these problems on your own and this is more so true for those who have poor circulation or diabetes. Over the counter options that have acids in them will not treat the cause of your problem and they may only destroy the tissue. These medications in some cases can help with the reduction of the chance of surgery but they should not be used before checking with a doctor.

As you can see it is not uncommon to have dermatological problems with your feet. Most people will encounter one or more of these problems several times in their lives. It is best to see a doctor when you have problems with your feet especially if the problems that you are having start to cause you pain and suffering. Remember that just like all other medical conditions the outcome is always better the faster that you are able to address the issue.

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