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Natural Methods For Callus Treatment

A callus is caused by an area of skin that is thick and it them become hard and dry due to pressure, friction, or other irritation that is repetitive. Calluses are found most often on ones foot because of walking frequently. These are not harmful generally but can lead to further problems such as infection or skin ulceration. You can try to naturally remove calluses at home. It is easy and many times you can use things that you already have around your house.

Soak Your Feet
One of the ways that you can remove calluses is to soak your feet. Here are a few soaking options that you have.

  • Soak feet using chamomile tea for around 30 minutes in order to soften the skin. If your skin becomes stained you will be able to remove this later using water and soap.
  • Take warm water and add to it 3 tablespoons baking soda. This helps to begin the process of healing by dissolving the skin that is dead. Let feet soak 30 minutes.
  • Use Epsom salts and warm water to soak your feet. The warm water will help to soften the skin and the salt will help with scrubbing away the callus.

Scrubbing Your Feet

You can use a pumice stone or foot file to rub away your calluses. You will want to use the file after your feet have soaked or when you are almost done with your shower once the feet are softened from water that is warm. Rub the feet in a circular, vigorous motion. Rinse the stone to remove skin often. Continue to work at it until your skin begins to turn pink in order to achieve the best possible results. You can also walk barefoot on a beach that is wet and sandy to help with callus removal.

Drying Your Feet

You need to make sure that your feet stay dry completely. You need to make sure that your feet are not damp. You can use a towel for moisture removal. Now sprinkle some cornstarch on the callus area. This will help to keep the area dry and also help in warding off any infections.

Other Options

You also have the option of making a mixture that you can apply to the callus. TO make this mixture use dried chamomile (one teaspoon), lemon juice (one teaspoon), and crushed clove of garlic. You then should apply this to the area two times each day.

An onion is another option that you have. Slice the option and then put a few lemon juice drops on it and a little salt. You can then tape this to your callus and let it remain over night. Do this each day for one week to easily remove your callus.

If you start to have problems with your callus or are unable to remove it you may want to see a doctor to see what medical methods can be used in order to help you remove the callus from your feet to keep other potential problems from occurring.



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