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Pain in Ball of Foot after Running


Sometimes runners can have pain in the ball of their feet after running.  This condition is known as metatarsalgia.  The bones in the ball of your foot are called metatarsals.  When you run you are putting a lot of pressure on these bones.  This can lead to pain.


If you are experiencing an ache that is dull and is located in the ball of your foot or pain that makes you have to walk with more of your weight on the outside of your foot instead of how you normally walk then you may have this condition.  Other symptoms include callouses or being unable to walk without shoes on due to the pain.


This type of pain can be caused by running while wearing the wrong type of shoes or even running on surfaces that are not good shock absorbers.


RICE is a great treatment for this type of pain.  R is for rest.  Take a few days off from your running schedule.  I is for ice.  Ice it down for 10-15 minutes twice a day.  C is for compression.  Wrap the area up in an ace bandage.  E is for elevation.  When you are lying on the couch or in bed, prop the foot up to a level that is above your heart.  This will counteract the swelling.

Another way to treat the pain is with any of the many over the counter anti-inflammatory medications.  These will help to reduce the swelling and possibly with the pain too.  Use them as directed on the bottle.

If none of those methods work then you may want to see your physician to ensure that there is nothing else going on.  You have to be very careful with your feet.


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