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Foot Hygiene

Are you aware that foot hygiene involves other things besides washing your feet in the shower or bath?  There are actually 3 parts to maintaining properly cleaned feet.

  1.    Daily Foot Care

You should thoroughly wash and dry your feet every day paying close attention to the areas between the toes.  Wear properly fitting shoes and socks as well as any orthotics that your doctor has recommended.  Make sure that your shoes and socks are clean when you put them on.  Do not wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row.  Give them time to dry out and avoid being barefoot.

  2.    Toenail Care

Toenails should be trimmed at least every two weeks and cut in a straight line with the edges filed down.  Use clean clippers or scissors.  Sanitize them with alcohol.  If you can’t see your toenails or have trouble reaching them, if you have diabetes, neuropathy or other circulatory issues then your toenails should only be cut by a foot health professional.  If your toenails turn colors see a doctor.

 3.    Daily Foot Inspection

 Check your feet daily for things like bumps, blisters, lumps or bruises.  Also check for sores, cuts or even cracked skin.  Also check for differences in temperature.  If one part of your foot is hot and another is cold it could be indicative of poor circulation.  If you find any of these conditions then you should keep an eye on them and if they worsen see a doctor.

Now that you know what normal foot hygiene should include, how many of these things do you do on a normal basis?  Did some of them surprise you and if so, will you be more or less likely to do them in the future?


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