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Train Yourself to Walk in High Heels

It’s no wonder you want to wear high heels. They make your legs look fantastic, improve your posture, and just make you feel more confident overall. However, while trying to walk in your stilettos, your feet may get sore and you may have difficulty getting around. Because of this, you may feel like wearing high heels just isn’t for you – but don’t give up! Just practice these few easy methods to train yourself to walking correctly in high heels.

Train Yourself to Walk in High Heels

  1. Start off wearing shorter heels until you feel comfortable. As you become more comfortable with these, go ahead and add a longer heel. Build up to longer heel lengths in increments.
  2. Try wearing your heels at home for practice. Each day, walk around in your high heels for a few minutes slowly and carefully. As you become more comfortable, walk around in the heels for a little longer each day.
  3. Focus on your steps! Take short steps when you wear heels and be sure the heel touches the ground before the toe of the shoe.
  4. Your ankles will take a beating in high heels, to try and exercise them some. Look for leg strengthening exercises and do them often, but without over doing it. You could try standing and walking on tip toes, for example.
  5. Do some balancing exercises such as standing on one foot while you watch television. You can even walk up steps and lay items on the floor to step over them. Be very careful, though!
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