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Hammer Toes: Care and Treatment

are potentially painful and disfiguring.  Most commonly, the condition is caused by ill-fitting footwear that forces the toe into a bent position.  Other causes include osteoarthritis, stroke, diabetes, and any other condition that causes muscle or nerve damage.  Luckily, there are some steps you can take to treat your hammer toes in the comfort of your own home.

Hammer Toes: Care and Treatment

Change your shoes:  Your shoes shouldn’t compact your feet, and certainly should give  your toes room to move around a little.  Making this change can go a long way in treating the problem.  Custom made shoes, including those made specifically for people with foot problems can really help.

Pad things up:  Using moleskin and other padding can reduce comfort of your hammer toes.

Orthotics:  Using shoe or foot bed inserts can redistribute the pressure on your foot and take it away from the afflicted toes.

Stretch:  Doing the right stretches can alleviate some of the problems.  Stretching helps the toes to become more resilient and more resistant to energy.  Plus, it feels good!

Exercise:  The proper exercises can strengthen the muscles of  the foot, allowing quicker recovery, and better injury avoidance.

The above suggestions will help you out, but it is important to consult with a professional.  The experts at Delray Beach Podiatry are your one stop shop for all things foot care.  Be sure to contact us with any questions you have.


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