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Exercise Related Injuries in the Legs and Feet

It is true that exercise is good for the body, but too much exercise and not enough prevention or bad form can actually injure the body. So many athletes and non athletes are complaining about pain in their legs, ankles or knees. The cause of their pain stems typically from overuse. This is typically true of athletic runners and sports jumpers.  Let’s take a quick look at some exercise related injuries.

Exercise Related Injuries in the Legs and Feet

Shin Splints: In centuries past, runners experienced what doctors call a “Spike Soreness,” today the medical term healthcare professionals use is “Shin Splint.” Shin Splints affects the lower part of the legs,between the knee and ankle. The pain can be aggravated by other factors such as over pronation and high arched feet.  Ignoring shin splints can lead to more serious conditions like stress fractures of the tibia.

Sprained AnkleRolling your ankle while hiking, walking, or running can lead to an injury that takes time to treat.  A twisted ankle, or sprained ankle, happens when a ligament in the foot is torn or partially torn.  Depending on the severity of the tear, treatment is usually simple and effective.  Resting the foot, icing it to keep the swelling down, using compression to immobilize the joint, and elevating it can all reduce pain and speed recovery.

Overuse: Running and jumping put a lot of stress on the muscles to perform, and often, runners over-use their leg muscles, causing them considerable pain. The Podiatrist can make several treatment suggestions that can ease or eliminate minor or severe exercise related pain. Taping the leg or putting it in a brace, can provide temporary support and relief.  Resting, wearing arch supports and working to strengthen the  legs are all great techniques to use.

If you need to talk to a professional about one of these leg and foot injuries, Delray Beach Podiatry are experts in the field.  We are ready to help you get back on your feet!

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