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Top 3 Reasons Shoe Inserts for Runners Are a Great Idea

Are you a runner that needs a little extra support?  Perhaps you are starting to feel the effects of long hours on the road, and the accumulated miles are taking their toll.  Well, luckily enough, simple and effective shoe inserts can fix some of those problems.  Let’s take  a look at shoe inserts for runners.

Top 3 Reasons Shoe Inserts for Runners Are a Great Idea

  1. To prevent shin splints. One of the major causes of shin splints is overpronation, which is when a runner’s stride causes their foot to flatten out on impact and overstretch the muscles of the lower leg. The proper shoe inserts can correct flat feet and help runners find a stride that won’t cause undue stress to their body.
  2. To reduce plantar fascitis. Plantar fascitis is a common condition among runners. Repetitive impact to the heel can cause small tears in the fascia, which causes a great deal of paint. Many physical therapists recommend shoe inserts to reduce heel pain.
  3. To prevent stress fractures in the feet. Only 25% of people pronate the correct way, the rest of the population either overpronates or underpronates, which simply means their foot turns too much, as in the case of shin splints, or not enough. Many runners suffer serious damage to their feet and lower limbs because their feet don’t pronate correctly to absorb the shock of the heel strike. This problem is easily curable with the proper orthotics.

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