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Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery Really Worth the Risk?

Many women will go to pretty great lengths just to make sure they fit into their designer high heels – even surgery. Seems pretty risky, right? Is the risk of cosmetic foot surgery really worth it? It must be since doing these procedures have become popular ever since Carrie Bradshaw raved about her Manolo Blahniks on Sex in the City in 1998. Many doctors are opposed to this type of cosmetic surgery, saying that surgery to help you fit into your high heels is just crazy. Other surgeons say that it should only be done to help with foot pain or deformities, not to look better in your shoes.

Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery Really Worth the Risk?

Some of these cosmetic procedures women are having done include toe bone shortening, toe lengthening, and toe slimming, which involves shaving off the pinky toe, or foot padding where fat or fillers are injected into the foot to cushion the pain of high heeled shoes. Some women are even having the bone shaved down to make feet narrower. Sounds like a painful resort for pretty feet.

No matter what anyone else says, though, isn’t it your right to have these procedures done if you want to? Sure, but you should know the risks that are involved, including scarring and nerve damage. Of course, all forms of plastic surgery come with some risk. However, when dealing with your feet, a complication can limit your ability to walk, dance, or play sports. Even a procedure that goes smoothly can affect your balance – kind of hard to wear heels when you can’t stand up in them, don’t you think?

On the other hand, some podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons think there could be benefits to having certain procedures, because they could help prevent future foot problems. For example, toe shortening may help prevent developing a hammertoe. Despite these potential benefits, foot cosmetic surgery still seems risky and unnecessary. What do you think?

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