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How to Increase Blood Circulation in Your Legs

When blood isn’t flowing properly throughout your body, simple things like walking or climbing stairs can really be a pain. Peripheral vascular disease is a condition that involves poor circulation in your legs and feet because the artery walls become thick and hard. This condition tends to happen to those who suffer from diabetes. Having peripheral vascular disease can put you at risk for peripheral neuropathy as well, which happens because of a lack of blood flow to the nerves. To make sure the blood is circulating properly in your legs, just follow these tips.

How to Increase Blood Circulation in Your Legs

1. Walking, dancing, swimming, or really any type of movement for at least 20 minutes a day will be help to increase circulation in your legs.

2. If your legs aren’t getting proper circulation at night, you should keep your legs elevated in a wedge pillow.

3. A nice warm bath with help stimulate blood flow to lower extremities – this will help you relax a little too!

4. Not only will a healthy diet help prevent diabetes and high cholesterol, but it can really help with circulation.

5. For severe cases of poor circulation, you can have your doctor perform a peripheral artery bypass, or an angioplasty, to increase circulation in your legs.

6. If your job leaves you standing for hours at a time, try to give yourself a break every now and then and elevate your feet. You should also elevate your feet as soon as you get home from work.

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