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How to Avoid Nail Salon Mishaps

The point of getting your nails done is to be pampered and leave the salon with gorgeous nails. Before making yourself an appointment, though, you should refresh yourself with some safety concerns that may arise at the salon.

How to Avoid Nail Salon Mishaps

Most nail salons follow strict health and safety guidelines, but some are careless and don’t follow strict sterilization procedures that could prevent skin infections and other harmful diseases such as:

Nail salon employees have to use sharp and pointy tools to do their jobs that can break the skin and may lead to infection. If the same tool is used on another customer, the infection can be spread to that person as well. Even just placing your feet in the foot bath can be dangerous. The warm water is perfect for the growth of bacteria and even a small break in the skin or an injured cuticle can allow bacteria, fungi, or viruses to get in. Foot bath units should be cleaned and disinfected after each use – it’s okay to ask if you’re not sure.

Nail salons should ideally use disposable tools – some doctors even recommend that you bring in your own tools, just in case. If you do this, make sure you wipe down your tools with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after each use. Make sure the manicurist doesn’t cut your cuticles. When the cuticles are cut back too much or get hurt, the nail bed can easily get infected.

You really just need to use common sense when you are choosing a nail salon. Your risk of infection can even increase if the salon uses low-quality products. Be careful when you decide to go get your nails done, but even more importantly, remember to relax as you get pampered!

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