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Cryotherapy for Skin Lesion Treatment

Cryotherapy is the treatment of skin lesions by freezing the lesion and a small area around it. It permanently destroys the skin growth but does not damage healthy surrounding skin cells. It is used primarily for benign skin lesions. In general, the procedure is quicker, less costly and has a better cosmetic result than surgical excision.

The procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and is quick and easy. The lesion is frozen very quickly and then the skin is allowed to thaw. Generally, only one application is needed. The procedure is not painless but the quick stinging sensation lasts only a few seconds.

Advantages to cryotherapy over surgical excision include:

· Short preparation time.

· Simple procedure that can be done at a routine office visit.

· No sutures so no follow-up visit for suture removal.

· Practically no risk of infection.

· Less expensive.

· Less risk of infection.

· Less, if any, scarring.

· Almost no wound care required.

· Faster healing process.

· Advantageous for elderly who may not be good candidates for a surgical procedure.

A little redness at the area and development of a small blister are normal reactions. There may be slight swelling. A bit of oozing from the site is normal and a small gauze dressing may be needed for a few days. A dry crust then forms that sloughs off within five to 14 days. Some people need an over-the-counter pain medication but rarely is anything stronger required. Healing should be complete in three to six weeks depending on the location of the lesion.

The procedure is covered by most insurances including Medicare.

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