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Arthritis in Knee, Ankle or Foot? You Need to Know This

Arthritis is a non discriminatory disease that affects people of all ages. The disease attacks the joints and bones of the ankles, arms, hands, fingers,[…]

Athletes Foot: It’s Not Just For Athlete’s

Athletes Foot Athletes foot does not affect only athletes. It is a common disease of the foot caused by bacteria and fungal infection. The skin[…]

Foot Doctor: Common Injuries, Pain and Treatment For The Feet

Foot Doctor Seeing a foot doctor is common for athletes and Olympic champions. Athletes put a lot of pressure on their feet and so do Olympians.[…]

Pain in Heel? Common Causes and Treatments

Heel pain is the most common complaint and can be the most difficult to diagnose. However, there are several problems associated with painful heels. Most[…]

Ankle Injury and Heel Injury – Common Injuries and Treatments

Ankle Injury and Heel Injury The feet are responsible for carrying the weight of the entire body. Everyday routines like walking, jumping, running and exercising[…]

Treating an Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is troublesome to anyone who develops one, to say the least. They are unsightly, painful, and make wearing shoes, an all out obstacle[…]

Why does plantar fasciitis hurt so bad?

You’ve been dealing with this pain for weeks, so now it’s time to ask the question – why does plantar fasciitis hurt so bad? A[…]

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