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How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

It’s important that everyone knows how to care for a sprained ankle.

Whether you are an athlete or not, a few missteps or a freak accident can easily result in a painful ankle sprain. And although you might research a few different ways to ease that pain, it’s important to remember that some methods are actually better than others when it comes to treating a mild ankle sprain.

Want to learn how to care for a sprained ankle? Keep reading!

Want to learn how to care for a sprained ankle? Keep reading!

A mild ankle sprain occurs your ligaments are stretched, resulting in joint stiffness, muscle weakness or tightness with reduced balance and joint awareness. Luckily, with proper and proven treatment methods, this type of sprain is very easy to treat, which means you will be back on your feet in no time!

First, after you have sprained your ankle, make sure to rest immediately and put as little weight on it as possible.  Lay down on a couch or a bed, and use crutches to move yourself around your home.  You can also use an ankle brace to control the swelling and allow the ligaments to heal faster.

Next, you should use practice de-swelling methods as much as possible.  This means applying ice in a piece of cloth over the affected area for approximately twenty minutes, using compression to control the swelling, and elevating your foot above your waist.  Under these methods, the swelling should not last for more than a few days.

Besides what you can do at home, a podiatrist can provide you the proper treatment plans as well, such as a splint for your ankle.  Sometimes a cast or a walking boot may be required for a few weeks. Depending on the severity of the sprain, surgery might be recommended. People who are in sports or otherwise are physically active are the most recommended for undergoing ankle surgery.

Following the initial treatment, there is also a rehabilitation period to heal every ligament in your ankle.  If you don’t undergo this process, it may be easier to injure your ankle a second time.  No matter how little or how badly your ankle has been sprained, it must have a rehabilitation period.

For more serious sprains, a physician should be consulted.

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