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How Pregnancy Affects Your Feet

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body is numerous ways. She gains weight to ensure the baby gets enough nutrients and has enough amniotic fluid and support while the baby gains the appropriate amount of weight during growth. Weight gain, particularly in the case of pregnancy, leads to a lot of changes for the woman’s body.

Find out how pregnancy affects your feet! (Wikimedia Commons)

Find out how pregnancy affects your feet! (Wikimedia Commons)

For starters, her center of balance changes. This means she walks differently and struggles to complete tasks that were previously simple because she has to adjust how she approaches the task. In addition, their different walk results in the foot rolling inward while the woman walks. Her arch is also flattened due to her increased body weight. This is over-pronation. Edema occurs when additional blood accumulates, typically in the latter stages of the pregnancy. The feet swell, which is what Edema is.


Over-pronation can make for a very painful walk whenever the woman has to be on her feet. Stress to the calves and back can also occur. A special set of orthotics can be used to treat this condition. Footwear that is a comfortable fit and that provides maximum support and shock absorption is also very important.


Slower circulation in the pelvis and legs and blood pooling in the lower extremities is a big factor in Edema for pregnant women. When this occurs, elevating the feet is important. Also, avoiding extended periods on your feet is recommended for the pregnant woman. Further recommendations include the need to take regular breaks while driving, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Water is so important to our overall health!

These two conditions are linked directly to weight gain during pregnancy. With attention and effort, the two conditions can be dealt with and can improve after the birth of the baby. Still, women need to be careful and pay attention to these issues, as they can complicate the pregnancy and make daily activity during a stressful and exhausting time of your life even more challenging. Pregnant women can avoid both of these conditions if they are lucky. However, for the less fortunate, staying focused on the end result and taking the mentioned measures to help deal with the conditions will go a long way toward minimizing their impact on your daily comfort level for your feet and overall pregnancy.

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