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Blisters: Not So Blissful

Exercise, wearing new shoes, and extensive walking can all result in one unwanted and painful side effect: blisters. Blisters occur when something rubs against the skin of the foot, causing different layers of the skin to separate and the resulting space fills with fluid. Blisters are typically accompanied by discomfort and can be a serious issue if you do not treat them properly.

If you get a blister, cover it with a bandage or gauze pad, allowing it to breathe. Some home remedies that have been recommended to help heal blisters include applying aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, diaper rash cream and toothpaste (all dabbed on the affected area). Care should be taken to apply only to the afflicted area, as additional moisture elsewhere on the foot can cause more blisters and only exacerbate the problem!

Avoiding blisters is as simple as paying more attention to the fit of your shoes and the choice of your socks. Try moisture-wicking socks or nylon socks. Wear two pairs of socks if one does not seem to be sufficient. Also, make sure your sneakers and shoes fit properly. Use powder or cream if there still seems to be an issue.

It is important to take good care of the affected area when you have a blister. This could mean altering or skipping an exercise routine if the blisters are particularly bad. Just keep in mind that blisters that get infected will take away a significant amount of time from training or exercise (or sight-seeing if you’re on vacation!). Therefore, it’s best to avoid them or at the very least, take care of them before they can get infected.

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