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On Your Feet in 2015!

The New Year often goes hand-in-hand with New Year’s resolutions. Those resolutions can involve family goals, a better position in your career, or personal details like losing weight or exercising more. If resolutions like exercising more are part of your list, it is a good time to start thinking about your feet. Yes, your feet! You should consider whether the sneakers you currently own are up to the task or if you should invest in a new pair to better suit your efforts to accomplish your resolutions.

There are some important considerations to choosing exercise and knowing what happens to your feet with each choice. When considering various types of exercise, it is important to know how running affects a person’s feet versus riding a bicycle or using an elliptical, for example. Running is harder on your ankles and knees, while riding a bike is easier on these joints because the bike takes your weight, rather than your knees and ankles being the cushion between body and pavement. Using an elliptical is also easier on your body because your feet slide instead of leaving the machine and coming down with a significant impact. In other words, while running burns a lot of calories and can dull appetite, which helps with weight loss, it is the exercise that most runs the risk of injury to your body.

Preparation for exercise is important to foot health. Stretching before a big run or vigorous work out session should be part of your regimen as it helps to prevent injury.  Keeping your equipment maintained and your efforts reasonable to attain a new goal weight or accomplish a half marathon can mean a world of difference to your feet in the long run. Setting reasonable goals and working up gradually is also important to avoiding pain and injury to your feet. Keep these factors in mind and your resolutions and goals may become easier to attain!


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