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Causes and Treatment of Cracked Heels

About Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be uncomfortable, unattractive, and even cause pain. However, with the right products and enough effort, you can smoothen the surface of your feet. A podiatrist can offer you additional help if you have interest in smoothing the outer layer of your feet. A minor cracked foot issue can be treated at home with the proper tools and products. However, if the issue is a little more severe, you can have the dry, dead skin removed from your feet in just 30 minutes with a podiatrist’s aid.


The major cause of cracked heels is dry or cracked skin in the foot region. Typically, when the foot suffers from excessive dryness, or the skin thickens into a callous and then cracks apart, this gives rise to cracked skin in the heel area of the foot. When the skin on the foot is extremely dry, it becomes less supple and elastic, and therefore hardens. Worst-case scenario, a person with dry or cracked heels could suffer from bleeding or scabbing. If a person has a relatively large fatty pad on their soles, they will require more elasticity. Otherwise, the heel will crack when exposed to excessive pressure. Pressure increases tend to result from standing for a long duration of time, pregnancy, or excess weight.


There are many causes associated with dry, cracked feet. Individuals who walk around barefoot for extended periods of time can easily develop this condition. However, this skin type may also have a genetic basis, making some people more predisposed to it. Standing for a long duration of time and wearing ill fitted shoes also proves to be one of the many culprits. Sometimes, circulation issues, as well as a nutritional deficiency of some sort, can be to blame. Additional causes for this condition includes dermatitis, diabetes, thyroid conditions, or overuse of diuretics.

Seeing a Podiatrist

Sometimes, seeing a podiatrist is the best course of action that you can take if you wish to smooth your feet and remedy the issue. Not only can they safely remove the dead skin from the feet, but they can pinpoint the exact cause of the issue, and recommend the best creams.

Home Treatments

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to treat your issues with dry and cracked feet. For example, heel balm and oil can be of great benefit. An antiseptic can also provide relief and infection-prevention of bleeding heels. Furthermore, a pumice stone or foot file can remove some of the dead skin from the surface of the foot.

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