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Did You Know Most Women Wear the Wrong Shoe Size?

What You Should Know About Shoe Sizes

It may seem alarming, but the statistic is true: 88% of all women in the United States are wearing the wrong shoe size. Of course, there are dire consequences associated with this. Not only can one develop chronic foot pain, but acute foot injuries can arise, as well. Women who wear the wrong shoe size can develop discomfort and pain in both their legs and their back. One of the greatest preventative measures that one can take for their foot health entails wearing the right shoe size. Feet can transform over time, changing their shape and size as a result of weight gain, weight loss, and even pregnancy or aging. Furthermore, edema can require a new show size as well. Shoes should neither be too loose nor too tight. They should be fitting, but allow enough space for your feet to shift around a bit.

Tips for Choosing the Right Choices

There are a few tips that you can follow in order to find the right shoe for you. Choosing the appropriate fit is key to optimizing your individual foot health. One of the best recommendations is to wear semi rigid shows that offer ample room in the toe box. A wide toe box, therefore, cannot be found in narrow toed or pointy-toed shoes. In order to gauge how rigid a particular shoe is, try twisting the shoe. It should be flexible. However, if it twists in the middle, you should not wear it.

It is recommended that one avoid wearing both flat shoes and high heels as well, because they lack sufficient arch support. Choose shoes with great arch support so that they can accommodate your body’s weight. Ensure that the soles of the shoes are thick enough to provide ample support, and try the shoes on before you buy them to determine if they are the right fit.

And finally, you may also benefit from only buying products that have the APMA Seal of Approval or Acceptance. This organization specializes in both foot and ankle health and it only approves products that facilitate foot and ankle health. Anything with this seal of approval will prove to be a good match for you.

To some, ankle and foot care may seem inconsequential in the long run. However, foot circulation and health does have an impact on your overall physical well-being. If you feel your shoes are causing discomfort or constant foot pain, it is important that you see a podiatrist!


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