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What Shoes Are The Best For Plantar Fasciitis?

Many adults that are active experience pain in their heel from wearing shoes that are not the right type. Shoes that are not fitted correct and types of shoes that are not supportive enough for the arch of your foot can lead to over pronation and this can then lead to the arch of the foot collapsing. Those who are most likely to have this happen are those that are overweight, diabetic, or obese. This is due to the fact that weight can put stress on the arch. There are other causes as well but the idea is that a shoe of better quality that is able to support the arch needs to be worn.

Avoid Soles Which Are Too Soft

When selecting the best shoes for plantar fasciitis make sure that you avoid shoes with a sole that is extremely soft. You want to make sure that it is supportive enough. You want to make sure that you avoid heel pain at all possible causes and this is one of the ways to make sure that you are able to do so.

Over Pronation

When selecting the best shoe for you, you need to know the degree of your over pronation and you need to take into consideration the kind of activity that you will be taking part in while wearing the shoes. You want to make sure that get the right type of shoe for the problem that you have as well as for the activities that you take part in.

Appropriate Shoes

Different shoes are made for the different activities that you will talk part in. If you will be running then it is recommended that you get a running shoe. If you plan to play tennis then you should get a tennis shoe, etc. These types of shoes are made to support the foot as it moves through the different motions of these activities. The wrong type of shoe can certainly result in pain in your heel.

Size Of The Shoe

You also want to make sure that you get fitted for the correct size of shoe. If your shoe is too tight or too lose this can cause problems with your heal as well. Make sure that you are measured to ensure that the shoes that you get are meant for the size foot that you have. Many people have the wrong size shoe and never even know it until their foot problems become so severe that they finally seek treatment for it.

As you can see there are many things that you need to consider when making a decision on the shoe that is best for plantar fasciitis. It is important to know what the cause is for your pain in your heel before buying a shoe that may not fix the problem. For this reason you may want to consider consulting a doctor just to be sure what the cause of the pain is and that will help you to better understand the type of shoe that you need.


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