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Heels that won’t damage my feet?

High heels are a go-to staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe. The leg shaping instant height enablers can be stunning to look at, but a real pain to walk around in. Many women don’t realize how detrimental that pain can be to their health in the long run. Greater than a few corns and bunions, which don’t go well with a pair of peep-toes, the health risk of the gravity defying footwear are greater than you may be aware of. Are there any types of heels that won’t damage our feet? Here are our suggestions.

Throw the heels away?

Not necessarily. Becoming an educated consumer doesn’t mean you’ll have to sport Mary Janes all the time for the rest of your life! But it does come at a compromise.

The 6-inch stilettos will most likely always be a fashion favorite, but the unnatural contortion of your foot adds stress on your spine and can pose long term health risk. Choose a more realistic heel instead. Shoes with lower heels, two inches and less, with a wider heel base spread the weight of your body more evenly across your foot. The more narrow the shoe, the more pressure you apply to the front of the foot which may consequently shorten the Achilles tendon.  On the days where you just can’t pass up on your favorite 3 inches pumps, wear cushioned insoles to reduce the impact on your knees.

Even if it’s the very last pair of close out clearance name brands, make sure you only buy shoes that are the correct size. Shoes that are too big force your foot to slide forward; shoes that are too small apply too much pressure on the foot.

Wedges are an equally fashionable and more foot friendly alternative. Available in many shapes, sizes, and unique styles, wedge provide a more flowing distribution of weight and added support for your soles, ankles, and knees.

Be an educated shopper

No one wants to relinquish the days of their younger years when they freely stepped out in the latest of footwear trends. Choosing to shop smarter will keep you in season and in optimal health.

Stray away from the pointed toe. Aiming for a wider toe shoe will allow your feet to operate as they were designed. We have five toes for a reason, they’re all necessary for a smooth even step. Cramming your foot in a shoe that’s too narrow forces the rest of your foot to work even harder to provide you with stability and balance.

If you purchase a shoe that’s too tight in the toe but fits perfectly in the heel, they are ten times more damaging. Buying shoes that are too large or too wide provides little to no support, which can be extremely dangerous providing your foot slips out while you’re walking. Try them on in the store, walk around a few times, and if it doesn’t feel right put them back on the shelf-no matter how perfectly they match your new cocktail dress.


Although you aren’t running a marathon, wearing high heels in indeed a sport of its own. Take a minute at the end of your day to stretch your feet and calf muscles. Activities as simple as bending over and touching your toes provide your body with well-needed relief from a long day of trotting around on your tip-toes.

Wearing heels poses its fair share of risks, with that being said, if you choose wisely and consider the long run, ankle sprains, pump bump, and horrendous blisters and bunions will never be a cause of concern.

Dr. Ian S. Goldbaum is a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon serving patients in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach.

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