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The Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are basically the most comfortable shoes out there, but wearing flat shoes can have many different effects on your foot health and how people perceive you. You need to make sure your shoes fit both your feet and the occasion before you choose to wear these comfortable, leisurely shoes.

The Effects of Wearing Flat Shoes


Flat shoes come in many different forms. Ballet flats are very trendy, but they can actually seriously hurt your feet over a period of time because they have no arch or ankle support. Flat tennis shoes give you a little extra bounce, while flip flops are simple to kick on and off.


Flat shoes have a variety of effects on your feet. Most of them are good, since flats are far easier on your feet than high heels, which put uncommon amounts of pressure on your toes and the ball of your foot. However, flip flops can also cause blisters fairly often, and wearing ballet flats or other unsupported flats can create terrible arch problems over time, making it painful to walk.
Even more serious effects of wearing flat shoes with little or no arch support include fallen arches, which are tremendously painful and make walking very difficult and exercise almost impossible. You may also get inflamed tissues along the bottom of the foot – this is called plantar fasciitis, which can require medication or even surgery to heal if you don’t fix your footwear.
Flats without arch support may also lead to lower back and ankle pain because of the gait that they encourage.


High heels have a terrible reputation, so many believe that flat shoes are always the better alternative. However, a good pair of heels with healthy supports may actually be a better option than a poorly made pair of flats. Regardless of what type of shoe you choose to wear, make sure it fits snugly and doesn’t place excessive pressure on your toes – this can cause corns and bunions. Also, if your arches start to hurt while wearing flats, you may want to get an insert that will cushion your arches and keep them in the proper position.


Flat shoes are great for walking, but they aren’t always the best option for working environments. If you’re going to be visiting a construction site, for example, make sure that you have thick soles on your flats. You man even need to have steel toes. Also, if you are going for a job interview, you should avoid wearing flats. They tend to appear unprofessional with business attire, which will hurt your overall impression.

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