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Foot Care: How to Keep Your Toes Pretty

When was the last time you actually thought about your toes? You probably thought about them when you were trying to squeeze them into some pointy-toed stilettos or during the summer when you were wearing your sandals. Unfortunately for your toes, they end up forgotten, used, and abused more often than you probably even realize. Here are some foot care tips to properly care for your tiny but important toes:

How to Keep Your Toes Pretty

  1. Wash your toes every day and be sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent toe fungus and bacteria.
  2. Soak your toes and exfoliate them once a week to soften up any rough patches and get rid of dead skin.
  3. Do your best to steer clear of painful ingrown toenails by trimming your nails straight across. Try not to cut them too short!
  4. When you’re removing your polish, use a cotton ball rather than a tissue. Tissues typically wind up creating a mess and take twice as long to remove the polish.
  5. Re-paint your toenails every couple of weeks to keep old polish from peeling and prevent any possible buildup.
  6. Remember to use a protective base coat before you apply color to your toenails – this will help to prevent your nails from being stained a brassy yellow color.
  7. Moisturize your toes and cuticles often. Ashy, peeling toes are not exactly the nicest things to look at or touch.
  8. Make sure your shoes have enough cushioning and space for your big toe—this is the most vulnerable spot for bunions.
  9. Protect your toenails by wearing the proper shoes while you are participating in strenuous activities. You should also not go barefoot on hard, rough surfaces like concrete and wood.
  10. Allow your toes to breathe every once in a while. Let them air out and give them a break from heels, boots, sneakers, and other toe-constricting shoes.

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