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Top 5 Sneaker Brands

If you’re involved in sports, then you know that the sneakers you wear can make you or break you. So, in order to make sure you are performing your best, it’s smart to know what brand of sneakers works best for you. If you aren’t aware of some of the top 5 sneaker brands, we are here to help you by providing this nifty list.

Top 5 Sneaker Brands

  1. Nike: Nike is at the top of the list because let’s face it, everyone has heard of them. Nike is considered number one of all of the sneaker brands – and for good reason. They are awesome and truly the best in providing the best sneakers for every sport. Not only that, but they are actually a status symbol, often being advertised by celebrities. But who wouldn’t want to wear shoes that have the same name as the goddess of victory?
  2. Adidas: Adidas sneakers are almost as popular as Nike, but just couldn’t be number one. Yes, they are great sneakers, but they just aren’t quite as highly sought as Nike. Athletes that are affiliated with this brand are usually football, basketball and tennis players. Adidas doesn’t stop at making sneakers, though; they also bags, shirts, watches and eyewear.
  3. Puma: Puma, which was established in 1942, is ranked as the third most popular sneakers brands of the world. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler were the main initiators of the Puma brand, although they eventually went their separate ways and created two different companies – Adidas and Puma. Puma is most well known for their football shoes.
  4. Vans: Vans are an American company and it is also one of the most popular brands of sneaker shoes. Vans manufacture sneakers, skateboarding shoes, BMX shoes and more.
  5. DC: DC was established in 1993 by Ken Block and Damon Way.  It’s based in California, and makes shoes and sports wear, but they are most popular for manufacturing shoes that are use in extreme sports.

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