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Michael Vick Suffers from a Bad Concussion

Michael Vick‘s time just might be up in Philadelphia. The Eagle’s QB was diagnosed on Monday with a pretty significant concussion after looking pretty groggy following his teams loss to Dallas. There’s still some medical tests that need to be done, so we aren’t sure if Michael Vick will be playing in Sunday’s game at Washington. Apparently Vick was complaining that he had a headache and felt fatigued on Monday, but nothing will be official until Wednesday.

Michael Vick Suffers from a Bad Concussion

During the game there were two plays, which happened back to back, that seemed to be the cause of Vick’s injury. As he tried to get a first down, he was driven from behind head-first into the ground by tackle Jay Ratliff. After that, Vick was knocked on his back by linebacker Ernie Sims. This isn’t his first time facing this injury, though; in Septemeber 2011 in the game against Atlanta he was spun by a Falcons rusher into Eagles lineman Todd Herremans. This had him stumbling off to the sidelines, leaving him to be replaced by Mike Kafka. The following week Vick was back on the field for the game against the New York Giants, only to get his hand broken, too.

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