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How to Treat Bunion Pain in 4 Steps

Having bunions on your feet can be pretty uncomfortable – but you don’t have to suffer through the pain! By following these steps you will be on your way back to healthy bunion-free feet!

How to Treat Bunion Pain in 4 Steps

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Tight and uncomfortable shoes can cause bunions. When shoe shopping, pick a pair that allows some wiggle room for your toes. If you can’t you’re your toes easily, then your shoes are too tight. Also, when you’re lounging around the house, go ahead and wear socks or slippers instead.
  2. Dip your foot in an ice bucket to reduce inflammation – inflammation in the joints is quite painful. Ice is a natural and effective way to help treat bunions and reduce swelling. You can also place ice packs on your toe, or use heating pads afterwards to provide comfort. Heat won’t treat joint pain, but it will aid in the relaxation of your joints.
  3. Take turmeric for pain. Turmeric will reduce inflammation and can be used as a natural pain killer. Turmeric also supports stronger joints as well and has had success in reducing arthritis symptoms and pain. You can rub turmeric on the joint of the toe, but remember to cover with gauze so you don’t end up with stained stocks.
  4. See your podiatrist! Home remedies are great for relieving the pain, but you’ll still need a doctor. He will need to determine how bad you’ve damaged the joint in the toe and decide whether surgery will be necessary to fix the issue.

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