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Shopping for the Right Shoes for Working on Your Feet

Here’s a fun fact: our feet carry us the equivalent of five times around the earth in an average lifetime. So many jobs require you to be on your feet for most of the day, whether we like it or not. So if you have one of these occupations, the question is, do you have proper shoes to help you avoid foot and back pain? With the right shoes your job can be much more enjoyable.

Shopping for the Right Shoes for Working on Your Feet

Shoes With a Low Heel: Flat shoes are actually not the best choice for your feet when you’re standing around all day. Instead, your heel should be elevated at least ¼ inch to give you good arch support. Stay away from shoes with a heel higher than 2 inches, though.

Shoes With a Large Toe Box: Shoes with a wide toe box will make sure that your toes have wiggle room when your feet swell throughout the day. When trying on footwear in the store, make sure they’re not too tight.

Shoes With Laces: Shoes with laces or a Velcro strap will keep your foot from sliding forward when walking. Shoelaces stop your feet from moving around too, keeping them from getting injured.

Shoes With Good Arch Support: You’re going to need footwear with good arch support. When shopping for them, explain to the salesman what you’ll be using the shoes for and that you need adequate arch support. You may even want to go ahead and purchase orthotics.

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