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How to Cure Athlete’s Foot at Home

If you’re experiencing cracked, itchy and scaly skin between your toes and on the soles of your feet, chances are you have athlete’s foot. This can happen to anyone, but those who sweat easily and go barefoot are the most susceptible. Athlete’s foot can be pretty difficult to get rid of, but with some extra effort and the right treatments, you can cure it at home and keep it from coming back.

How to Cure Athlete’s Foot at Home

  1. Fungus thrives when the body is weak, so it’s important to eat plenty of foods that contain probiotics to fight off the infection. Probiotics are good bacteria that kill fungus and help you avoid other opportunistic infections. You can get probiotics either by eating yogurt or by taking supplements. You should probably take c=some extra vitamin C while you’re at it to boost your immune system.
  2. A strict foot hygiene routine is essential in the prevention and cure of athlete’s foot. You should wash your feet every day with a dandruff shampoo that contains selenium sulfide, like Selsun Blue. Soak your feet for 30 minutes in a bath of warm water, 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil and 3 teaspoons of salt 3-5 times a week. Use a pumice stone to get rid of calluses and dead skin that fungus may be hiding under. Remove those scaly patches from in between your toes and around the toenails with a soft bristle scrub brush. Pat dry with a clean towel and then use a hair dryer on low heat to get rid of any moisture.
  3. Treat the infection with an anti-fungal cream for athlete’s foot. Depending the kind of athlete’s foot you have, you can either use anti-fungal creams like Lotrimin Ultra cream or a spray solution like Tinactin anti-fungal spray. You may want to go with anti-fungal sprays because, unlike creams, sprays won’t add extra moisture and will help keep your feet dry. However, if you have dry, cracked and severely callused skin on the soles of your feet anti-fungal creams are a better option.
  4. Don’t forget to treat objects that even touch your feet! This means anything from your socks to your shower. Spray your shoes with white vinegar and dry them outside in the sun. When they’re dry, sprinkle an anti-fungal powder in the soles of your shoes to kill any lingering fungus and keep your feet dry.
Wash your dirty socks in hot water and bleach and clean and disinfect your shower with a bleach based bathroom cleaner and a good scrub brush. You should consider spraying the shower floor with Lysol after every  use to make sure you don’t end up with athlete’s foot again.

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