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The 4 Categories of Hiking Boots

During the fall, the weather is just right for a good hike. Aside from the weather, there is another factor that you should consider before you head out: your shoes! There are four main categories of hiking boots and when you go to the store, you need to be able to decide what type is right for you to ensure you’re choosing the safest option for your feet and ankles.

The 4 Categories of Hiking Boots

Light hiking shoes: These hiking boots closely resemble running shoes. They are perfect for light backpackers who are planning a long distance hike during the day. Traveling light is always nice, don’t you think?

Hiking boots: Regular hiking boots are the best option for day hikes or even a weekend backpacking trip with a light load. They can be either mid-cut or high-cut and flex very easily, though they do need a little break in time. The negatives though, are that they lack the support and durability that stout backpacking boots offer.

Backpacking boots: These type of hiking boots are meant to carry loads of different kinds of weights on multiday trips deep into the backcountry. These are very durable and supportive, with midsoles that are stiffer than lighter footwear. These can be worn for on- or off-trail travel.

Mountaineering boots: These heavy boots have stiff midsoles and are meant to be used with heavy loads and can have crampons for glacier travel. Mountaineering boots are heavy duty, supportive and incredibly durable.

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